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Hello! I am Chrissy, a mama of 4 children and a registered nurse, who still works part-time. I am very passionate about supporting families and being part of the community. When Loop Kids went up for sale in August 2018, the thought of  becoming a part of the community in Okotoks as a business owner immediately spoke to my heart. I hit the ground running in October 2018, with no real idea of what I had bitten off, but a vision and an energy to make it happen. 

Over the last 2 years I have been blessed to have the community welcome me, and my family, who you will often see in the store. We also have had an amazing team of commmunity members join our staff, and the energy and sense of commitment that they bring into work every day is a pillar of the welcoming environment that we have created. The most surprising part about consignment is that the community is not only our customer but also our supplier, making the relationship a little more intimate than your average retail business - and I absolutely love that!

We are proud to have built strong relationships with local organizations and charities - including Women In Need Society (WINS)It Takes A Village Okotoks, My City Care Okotoks, The Max Robinson Foundation, and Adele's Baskets.