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loop Okotoks | Kids ConsignmentEffective March 25, 2020 all non-essential retail operations were directed by the Government of Alberta to cease public/store front operations. Therefore, we are currently unable to accept Consignment items at this time. We continue to sell the items we had in stock prior to March 25 on our website.
When we are able to reopen to the public we will have new guidelines in place for accepting consignment in a safe and manageable manner.
We know you are all cleaning out your closets and we will need new systems to manage the great pieces you want to bring us.

Please watch our social media pages for the most up to date information. I will periodically send emails when there is something new to share.
We are a mid-high end Children's Consignment Boutique - our focus is on clothing, shoes and books. We only accept SEASONALLY appropriate items and are looking for brand name clothing - Gap quality and above.
We accept sizes NB-10/12 clothing and 0-6Y shoes

Our General Seasonal Guideline:

Fall/Winter drop-offs accepted  August-January
Spring/Summer drop-offs accepted February-July

Brands we do NOT accept Condition of Items  Age Of Items

Athletics Works,  Bruin Bear, Bum Kids, Canadiana, Cherokee, Ciro, George (including UK), H&M, Joe Fresh, Jumping Beans, Just One Year, Please Mum, Old Navy,  Smart Fit, Vitamins

**This list is not exhaustive but includes the brands we see most often

We do not accept clothing/shoes  that are:

Dirty, Excessively worn, Stained, Mended, Faded, Shrunk, Pilled, with holes, stretched, odours

Size 12 or larger

Adult brands of any kind



Safety Items - car seats, helmets, monitors, flotation devices

Baby Carriers

large baby gear - strollers, high chairs, play pens, nursing pillows

Room decor - bedding, pictures

Toys of any kind

No more than 5 years old (manufacture date of 2015 or later)

How do we know?Many brands date their items, but we can also tell by style and tags


We DO accept Carters, Osh Kosh & Children's Place - if items are in PERFECT condition & dependant on current stock. Set should be complete (ie. bodysuit, vest and pants). These brands are the first pulled from the floor when volume is high. We accept very little of these brands in sizes 6+.

We DO accept Ivivva, Triple Flip and Under Armour in All sizes (up to 14/16), year round

We DO accept swim wear year round

We DO accept Dance/Gymnastics Leotards, Tights, and Shoes year round

Consignor Benefits:

40% of the selling price goes automatically to your account when your items sell (we do not purchase items out right)

If you use your account to shop in store, and spend OVER $25, you will receive 10% off your purchase​. You may also cash out your account at any time.

You have 12 months, from the last transaction on your account to claim/use your account balance.

Consignor Responsibilities:

At Home sort your items into 3 categories:

Consignment Items Donate Items  Recycle Items
Excellent / Perfect Condition Good Condition Soiled/Torn/Damaged
You would spend your money in a boutique consignment store for children to wear to school/church/special occasions You would accept as hand-me-downs for play clothes You would feel undignified wearing or having your children wear

Give these a Fresh Wash and bring them in, small boxes or bags, for us to consider

**We DO NOT launder items - dirty items WILL be Donated.

Give these a wash & then donate them to a charity of your choice Take these to your local Eco-Centre that accepts Textile Recycling

Check the website & our social media pages for updates.

We also send out a monthly consignor newsletter with important updates and information. 

Drop Offs: 

If it is your first time coming in please allow 10-15 minutes to set up your account. 

Why? We go through the policy in detail with EVERY new consignor. We are a small store and often helping customers so you may have to wait a few minutes. We promise you will be served as quickly as possible!

Drop & Run  Stay & Sort


Mon- Saturday

Open - 5/6pm


Monday - Friday

Open - 30min prior to close

(430 for 5pm close & 530 for 6pm close)

**We do NOT accept Stay & Sort drops on Saturdays. No Exceptions

How Much?

You can Fill the Tote by our desk once a day/account

Bring your items in small boxes or small bags - the bin will easily fit 2 FULL reusable Sobeys/Safeway bags

Maximum of 20 items will be accepted for Stay & Sort drop offs.



Staff will take your last name, tag your items and you may shop/leave etc. 

Items are sorted within 1 business day and those not accepted for sale are donated to our charities of choice WINS (Women In Need Society) and ITAV (It Takes a Village, Okotoks)


Staff will tag your items and thoroughly look at them while you shop in the store.

You MUST remain in the store while we sort your items, so give yourself time as the purchasing customers in the store are prioritized over any sorting (15-20 mins is usually sufficient)

If items are found to have stains or damage at pricing or steaming they will be Donated - consignors are not called to come and pick these items up


​Items selected for sale are priced, steamed, tagged and put on the sale floor, within 1-2 weeks of drop off, dependent on drop volume​

We reserve the right to CLOSE for drop-offs during high volume times & during special events.

Closures ensure safety in the store, and allow us to process drops at peak times in a timely manner. We communicate closures via: email, social media and signage on our door. ​ If we are closed to drop offs there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made​​.

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Loop’s commitment to you:

1) To consistently select quality, nearly new, items for sale in our boutique

2) To fairly price our consignor’s items based on brand name, original retail price and industry thresholds (brick and mortar consignment vs. online consignment/auction or mom-mom sales)

3) To responsibly donate or dispose of those items that are found to be inappropriate for sale during our 3 step sorting process, or that have not sold after the term (maximum 3 months) on the floor.

4) To communicate expectations and concerns with our consignors via email, social media and face-to-face

**Meeting these responsibilities will allow our staff to process items in a timely manner, maintain the level of quality expected by our shoppers and allow our consignors the best return on their items.

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